Ideal Trip Away Part 4. A Human Being Under Pants and Hair Pressure

Day 3 continued – we go to Driff. It’s very cheap up here and there are big discount shops filled with goods. My favourite is a large newsagent full of ‘gift ideas’ which reminds me of a department store in my hometown Redruth, long since closed – and the newsagent next door where I’d browse the Garfield mugs. Like then, I don’t buy anything – oh, a bit of stationery*. I meant to describe the shops in my book but got distracted by trying to draw my hair. The second page is the back story re side panels, front plates etc.
*stationery is spelt incorrectly below. I would have changed it and re photographed it but I’ve since spilt water over my sketchbook so some pages are now defunct



Sudden inappropriate rant:
I genuinely cannot be doing with what is expected of being a female human. Hairdressers are not a treat in my experience – whoever said they were was probably a BIG CONMAN HAIRDRESSER. Every six weeks you say? What a load of rubbish. Then again, I’m the one not getting the Asda mum ads because I look like a homeless person.

If anyone has any human being tips about being a nice lady without believing or following all the magazine propaganda, I’d love to hear from you. Every sophisticated and peachy skinned human I know washes their face as little as possible. Stands to reason – I’m not a hub cap. And don’t get me started on ‘toner’. That posh purple one removes nail varnish.


*End of Part 4 of 5.* Coming up soon…

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One Response to Ideal Trip Away Part 4. A Human Being Under Pants and Hair Pressure

  1. Hey! You seem to have another fan in San Francisco! It says “3 bloggers like this”. One of them is from SF and calls herself Gegallas. Hi Gegallas! I’m in San Fran too. And I went to NYU too.
    As for washing your face, (and speaking of Cornwall) I use something called St Ives. But lately it seems more perfumey than it used to. So I’m looking for something new as well.

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