Sketchbook Diary – A Good Mood Arguement

Here’s a little arguement we had the other day.


So just a short one today, what do you think? Should I colour in or leave it as sketchy as it is? And should I do one a day? I have been keeping these sketchbook diaries for 23 years so I’m not exactly short of material. But I may have to start changing names soon, so much incriminating and cringeworthy drawings and records. Mid to late twenties in particular. Perhaps all young people are as idiotic as I was? Wouldn’t surprise me.
Thank you for looking!

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4 Responses to Sketchbook Diary – A Good Mood Arguement

  1. both coloured & not have their charms – i was going to suggest colouring these on a computer or iphone – easiest would be painting over the photos, translucent colour to keep the texture of the paper and outlines – would be painting the outline then filling it in with the paint bucket tool.

    where you’re not exactly enjoying the colouring it shows at times – so i’d say if it annoys you just leave them black and white – people who draw comics often get someone else to colour them in.

    • jonearyblog says:

      I love your comments Adam, how funny that you can tell when someone has begrudgingly coloured in. I going to do some really grumpy felt tip work soon and wait for the backlash

  2. david williamson says:

    colouring in ROCKS

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