Train of thought Drawings / Peaches

Travelling at 6.30am, my thoughts were flitting all over the place. I’d like to tell a story with a parallel distraction, just like a train of thought, whilst recounting past events.
I expect this has been done before but not by me. These little pages are sketches for a bigger story. Perhaps with more (or rather some) planning, they might become more coherent


THE KIND MAN story is a longer one, I’ve been making notes for it rather than doing what I usually do which is to draw straight off the top of my head.

The trouble with doing that is, I miss out good bits sometimes, focus too long on boring bits and don’t finish the story because I run out of time.

The exciting thing about my new experiment – making written notes to be drawn up later – is that I need to buy a new notebook. A little reporter sized one. There’s not been a reason to buy stationery since my pack of 100 metal clip things for radio scripts in June.

Notebook advice welcome

There’s a chance the written notes might never get drawn up though, in which case I’ll go back to sketching as a record.

Telling a story in pictures advice welcome

Is there a right way? Perhaps my haphazard way is the one for me, time will tell

Right, off to dig carrots. In both senses of the word

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2 Responses to Train of thought Drawings / Peaches

  1. nice as ever – i like those moleskine notebooks if you’re feeling flash – you can get them cheaper on amazon, utterly extravagant of course, they have a little pocket.

    i have seen some of the “memories intercut with the present” stuff in comics before – people reflecting on life choices etc or telling the backstory

    i saw a courtroom artist last week – i wondered why there was a big tripod on the pavement in an alleyway then saw her sat on a step sketching away, i could have distracted her in hindsight, shouting out “brown hair!” “angry defendant” “sombre judge!” like one of those people shouting numbers to make you forget a phone number you’re trying to write down.

    you could couple your notes with quick sketches of details – if you’re concerned about forgetting good bits you could do a quick & dirty version first – just thumbnails, like a really quick plan, or a set of rectangles on the page with a few descriptive words for each frame – then leave it for a few hours or overnight in case anything else pops up – depends on you of course, name of the game is to do it quickly so it doesn’t become a chore, and it might only be worth doing for longer things 🙂

  2. Please Your Majesty (Tea Queen), give us the “kind man” story.

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