The Kind Man Part 1, Steam Punk and A Free Torch for every reader

I was invited to do the Steam Punk Fair in Lincoln last month. On the way there, I met a kind elderly man. The two are unrelated. Or ARE they? To be continued (I lost my notebook)




And unrelated, me and technology.
The other day I was in the pub playing Calypso and it was a bit dim so we couldn’t really see the colours of the pegs. So I took a close up photo of the tea light so that I could use the photograph to illuminate the game, like a spotlight in a stadium, you know, that kind of principal.
Here is the photo:

So if you ever need to read a book in a tunnel or use a strong flashlight to find your Casio watch under the bed, feel free to use my Tea Light Search Light Photo. You’re welcome*

*=disclaimer- it doesn’t work

Are there any animators out there that could help me bring some ideas to life? I’ve got a great one about watching the last episode of Breaking Bad

Thanks for looking Helen, Isy, David, Donald and Adam.
You know who you are. (You’re Helen, Isy etc etc)

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2 Responses to The Kind Man Part 1, Steam Punk and A Free Torch for every reader

  1. Wow that’s really freaky. The Kind Man looks just like the Kind Man I shared a train with in France. He was just like your guy but he had a stack of old books in front of him. Like a professor.
    I asked (in my ragged French) if the train we were on goes to Lyon. “J’espere”, he said. (how do you say smart arse in French?)
    Anyway, I love the silent panels in your strip. Thanks for the shoutout. Hello to Helen and Isy and Adam from San Francisco.

  2. very nice – i like the grey bits, bit expressionist – had they had felt tips in those times šŸ™‚

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