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Cornish Bumpkin Braves London During August

All right? Apparently, according to Sheila from the Jolly Roger in Falmouth, if you want to go past Plymouth, you need to wear a bum bag under all your clothing and it’s thick fog past Bristol. Sheila went to Exeter … Continue reading

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The Shoplifting One. Trago Mills Final Installment

Anyone who has been to Trago Mills will know that time moves differently there This is a true story Names have been changed in this one to protect the identity of my relative Two pens. But when? How? Crash zoom … Continue reading

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Kenny Of Falmouth

Thursday 23rd July. Harbour Lights Diary About two years ago, aged 18, I went to the British Legion Club on a Saturday night with Becky, Jerry, Jan, Shirley, Lucinda and her cousins and Kenny. Kenny’s estimated age is 76. He … Continue reading

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