Hello, I’m Jo Neary, also known as Joanna Neary, I do comedy, like most people in the UK these days.

I have been keeping sketchbooks of my life since 1990 and decided to share them now. It’s a bit odd though because they are my personal diaries – except for the more recent entries which I drew, knowing they’d end up here.

My family isn’t particularly thrilled at being part of my blog so perhaps one day, I’ll pretend it’s a character. For now though, I can’t be arsed.

The only reason I have over 20 sketchbooks documenting my life is that the tutors at Falmouth Art School stressed how important sketchbooks are and I am scared of authority. I’m still doing it, Charlie Watts! Not THE Charlie Watts, but the round Cornish one who I used to do impressions of, thinking I was out of earshot.

here’s my website : http://www.joneary.com

And twitter: @MsJoNeary

20120703-144419.jpg This is about as personal as it’s ever going to get. (Cut to me having a nervous breakdown and revealing all).


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